Saturday, June 22, 2013

North Haven Wedding and Reception Lounge - No CC

Style: Traditional, Victorian
Type: Exclusive Lounge
Lot Size: 40x40

In the small town of Mountainview lived the very wealthy family Beauchamp.  Their twin daughters, Evelyn and Elvira were always rivals.  Mountainview needed a church.  Mr. Beauchamp commissioned all the best craftsmen and they built a lovely church.  The girls grew and as young women Evelyn and Elvira both fell in love with the local hero, Nolan Haven.  Nolan found friendship with both sisters, but felt drawn to the kind and compassionate Evelyn.  The love between Nolan and Evelyn bloomed.  They attempted to marry in the church commissioned by Mr. Beauchamp  but were blocked by the jilted Elvira.  Elvira was so furious she banned them both from ever stepping foot in the building again.  Without any other options and desperate for a church wedding, Nolan hired the sons of the craftsman who built the original Mountainview Church and commissioned a grander version.  North Haven church was constructed shortly after.  North Haven suffered substantial mysterious vandalism, so a  Caretaker's home is built near by to protect the church and the graves of the people of Mountainview.  By Lissykin.  No CC.

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