Friday, June 17, 2016

Ash Manor ~ 100 Baby Challenge

Style:  Gothic
Bedrooms:  6 plus Nursery
Baths:  7
Lot Size:  64 x 64

Master, Nursery (6), girl child (4), boy child (4), girl teen (4), boy teen (4) and Butler with 8 multi person baths. Parlor, living room, dining, study, logic room, art studio, kitchen, rec room, playroom, Alchemy, Spell Book, gym, Nectary, wine cellar, gem cutting, sculpting, Glass Blowing, Jewerly making, music, games, Chemistry, inventing, Charisma, bots and science. The lot has an 8 car garage, pool, hot tub, garden, pond and playground. ~ no cc ~ DNA Request ~ by romagi ~ Enjoy!

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