Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cascade Island ~ no cc

Style:  Beach, Island
Bedrooms:  3
Baths:  3
Lot size:  40 x 40

Beautiful Island retreat with cascading waterfall, deck side fishing, logic lookout, creative landing (the views, waterfall and sound of seagulls overhead make for peaceful painting :D ) and boat dock. The cozy island home has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, eat-in kitchen, live/study with fireplace, play room, 4 pot kitchen garden, banana trees (cause bananas always grow on islands! :lol: ) and large deck.  All upgraded to unbreakable and fireproof.  

You will need to place a 40 x 40 where you would like it in the water.  Make sure the 40 x 40 looks like sand after you place it.  I found a couple places in IP that the 40 x 40 looked blue when placed and made the terrain blue when you placed the lot on it.  I put a pool waterfall at the bottom of the big waterfall so the simmies roll - "play in waterfall".

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